The Importance of Story Telling in the Music Industry

            When an artist is becoming more popular in the industry the record label finds different ways to push them to the next level. Upcoming artists are valuable because they have a following that will be beneficial for labels in the future and the momentum, they are gathering will push them to become another A-list celebrity. When celebrities release documentaries of their own lives they’re not trying to do it for the pleasure of showing insight, but on the contrary, they use it to tell their story and have it connect with anyone that listens. In marketing, storytelling is very important for a brand or business’ mostly because those deep connections and meaningful interactions are fans that will later become loyal fans to you in the future. When people start to realize that they can relate to your struggles then it becomes a shared trait and a stronger listener-to-singer interaction ratio. The most recent documentary by famous K-Pop artist Black Pink showed the daily struggles of all four girls in the group. It displayed a journey of their mental health, rise to fame, and exploration of their music in the music industry. After the release of the documentary, their album sales increased exponentially, and the long-term effect was also noticed. Their physical album sold around 590,000 copies in just one day and their YouTube channel reached 50.3 million subscribers, which is the highest music group on the platform. Overall, we can conclude that it was the release of the documentary that expanded their fanbase, and through the storytelling of the movie, it allowed for connections to strengthen and audiences to fall more in love with them.