Strategizing a Music Campaign

Marketing campaigns can be a bit tedious when it comes time to release a new single or album as an independent artist. We don’t have the funds, knowledge, or even the help necessary to create an elaborate campaign as these huge record labels can, but we do understand the goal of our campaign. The goal is to have people stream our music multiple times and hopefully become loyal listeners. 

            I am currently creating a campaign for my song, so I decided to take you guys along in the process of my marketing approach. We must create brand awareness, build brand image, differentiate from competitors, acquire customers, and build loyalty. These steps are known as Strategic Objectives and even an unskilled marketer in the industry can follow these to build your brand as an artist. 

In order to bring brand awareness, I ran an ad that would get in front of as many FB/IG users as possible under the different settings I have created including demographics and interest. This ad demonstrates what genre I sing as an artist, usually with an upcoming song bit, and a picture of myself that can be easily remembered. Building the brand takes time because this is where every business or brand usually gets stuck, mostly because they don’t know how to maintain loyal fans while trying to attain new ones. I constantly release music, run ads, and connect with other musicians that will also share my music on their platform in order to reach a new audience while also giving perks to my fans. 

Overall, this was just a touch of how a marketing campaign should begin when you’re preparing for an upcoming song release. Learn your audience, but also plan every single detail when it comes to marketing campaigns.