Storytelling in the Instagram Realm

It has been concluded that Instagram has evolved from a picture-sharing app to a small-business assistant. With this new update, many businesses have had the opportunity to reach new users and potential customers as well as to adapt to the different marketing techniques. This has become a new challenge for marketers because of the lack of knowledge that the Instagram algorithm has created and the platform that it has created. Through quarantine, many companies had to adapt to the online community and decipher different ways to interact with people as well as their target audience. For example, the coffee company Starbucks has had to upgrade its content and interaction in order to stay relevant for its target audience of young men and women. They respond back to tweets and create aesthetically pleasing pictures that keep users interested and willing to continue their loyalty for future purchases. Many companies underestimate the power of social media and are starting to adapt their marketing techniques to include mostly young demographics.