Research is Key

It is basic knowledge that in order to be successful in any field you must first have to do research. Research gives you the comfortability to go in any direction and be able to expand your boundaries to help others within their respective industries. The other part of researching is that sometimes we, as marketers, have no idea where to begin or who to talk to, or even what to read. I made this simple journey to help anyone out there that wants to research HOW to research because it is very overlooked within our industries. Within the music, industry researching is key because you have to understand what sells and how to sell it in order for your artist to be successful.

The first step is to get truly motivated meaning that if you want to become a singer then make sure you are in it to win it. Make sure everything you do is being motivated by the idea that one day you will be a headliner at a sold-out arena. Being motivated pushes you past obstacles that you didn’t expect to encounter. The second part of the journey is to become part of the community. Explore the live music scene in your city and do an open-mic night or two, but make sure you start to engulf yourself within the music and the people who run it in your city. The next step is to research your audience mindset, meaning that make sure you know what people like and don’t like within your community and how you can motivate them to fall in love with the music you’re performing.

The fourth step is discovering your audience’s problems and figuring out a strategy to make sure your music is the answer to their problems but also making music that will help the problem. This is mostly why music within the pop world revolves around heartbreak, struggles, sex, or money because that’s what everyone’s problems fall under. Training consistently is the next step; this is the part that catches many new artists off guard. Make sure you are constantly working on your craft and making sure you never get comfortable.

Overall understanding how to find the information you need is the most important part of the research. People might say to read articles and network, but none of this is worth it if you don’t completely understand how things work in the music industry or how they fail. The final step is to embrace the work, remember that at the end of the day you have to give yourself credit for your position within the industry.