Record Labels and the Downside of COVID

There’s no surprise that COVID caused the world to go into a completely different dimension with economic and political problems as well the lives lost by the virus. It is the reality that businesses and companies went bankrupt and closed their doors because the money was not circulating through the economy and the U.S. government was not assisting their citizens to maintain their daily lives. Record labels were hit head-on with this economic recession especially cause concerts and events were put on hold or canceled with no light at the end of the tunnel. So, what happens during these times? How can we market an artist or help them grow during difficult times? There are 5 actions that help a brand build during troubling times, and we can observe how artists/labels have been using them! Going with the flow instead of fighting against it helped record labels gain the trust of their audience, by involving social issues into their brand helps with that first step. Providing sound advice that is correlated to the situation was seen through multiple artists when social movements were taking place as well as the presidential election. Giving to those in need was also observed through multiple artist that created charity virtual concerts and donated to families that were affected by the virus. A prime example was Lady Gaga and how she became the face of COVID in the music world and how she produced virtual concerts for families at home to raise awareness and bring relief. Developing, sourcing and sharing solutions could be seen as a light of hope, but during the early stages of the virus, we didn’t know what the silver lining was going to be so many artists just created distractions while maintaining awareness as to how we can stop the spread of it. The last step is to build a collaborative community which in other words is creating a sense of unity between the different celebrities/artists and the rest of the world. Overall different artists handled the pandemic effectively and efficiently for their brand, which I believe made them a bit more successful during these troubling times.