Persuasion in the Music Business

In the music business, we base our success on streams, sales, and sponsorships in order to fully accept an artist in the industry. Through years of psychological studies and observing trends, we have concluded that for listeners to fall in love with an artist and continue to interact with them then they must follow these 6 principles of persuasion. An example we can use is Ariana Grande and the success she has acquired through years of marketing that her team carefully orchestrated. 

The first principle is reciprocity, which Ariana completes by giving listeners special gifts when they buy the album or maybe even free merch during a concert. This principle states that we are obligated to give whenever we receive a gift or item. The second principle is scarcity, which can be seen when meet-and-greet tickets become available to her concerts. They sell out in seconds due to the low quantity sold and the value of the outcome. People want more of those things that are less of and are willing to buy it due to the small amount. The third, fourth, and fifth principles can be grouped into one when talking about the artist in the industry. They include authority, consistency, and liking which is where the personality of the artist must be shown. Ariana is very successful because she uses her social media platforms to demonstrate her unique personality and mannerism that makes her audience fall in love with her. She is credible due to her fame while her constant posting on platforms has caused many to adore her and fall for her persona. The last principle is consensus and this one has to do more on the listener’s side than the artist’s side. We are more likely to listen to her music if we realize that everyone has already heard it and is displaying that they’ve heard it. They will look to the actions of others to determine their own when it comes to the decision they make. 

Overall, these principles can be used as a base for artist development and a pathway into marketing their material and image. The industry is challenging to maneuver, but once we realize the basic psychology behind people then we can craft a campaign to mold into the target audience.