Marketing Communication and New Releases

New albums or singles must have an elaborate marketing plan in order to succeed in this competitive music world. Creative marketing campaigns is the reason artist succeed and grow within the industry, but one tactic that has been proven to expand any business is a marketing communication. Consider each artist to be their own business and brand, once they’ve become established and well-known through the industry, they become leverage to others. Marketing communication allows companies (artists) to link their brands to other people, places, events, brands, experiences, feelings, and things. When labels realize that collaborations or features between artists are in demand by a majority of listeners then they use it as their new shiny product that they will invest in to put into the market. Since they know there is a demand for the product (song) then they will figure out ways to make money out if. An example was when Twitter followers decided that a collaboration between Beyonce and Nicki Minaj would impact the music world tremendously. After the label took into consideration that this new song would be heard by almost every person in the U.S. then the teams went straight into marketing this new song. Once the song was released it reached 2x Platinum in the first two weeks and received 121 million views on YouTube once the music video was released.