Levels of Meaning for a Product in the Music Industry

The different levels of meaning for a product can be seen as a generalized theory that can be implemented in any industry. Within the music industry, we can all conclude that the main product that the artist “sells” is music. Since there are 4 different levels, we can label each level with a concept also used in the music industry. The generic level is a basic version of the product, which can be compared to a song that hasn’t been recorded, is just an idea that the artist might have. The expected level is what the listener expects the song to sound like, a great example would be Billie Eilish and the idea that every song she releases is going to be an amazing song. The augmented level is what distinguishes the product from others, this is very important because this is where the artist must create music that stays within the boundaries of their brand. We don’t expect Cardi B to create Hindi music, even though possible, doesn’t fit into her brand which is what helps distinguish her from other artists. The final level is potential which is the transformation of the product in the future. This is another great way to explain remixes in the industry. Once a song is released there is always a chance that another artist might create a remix which can become a transformation of the original product. Overall, we can bring in this theory that differentiates the levels of a product and put it into the product of the entertainment industry, music.