Kinetic Typography and Music Video

It’s not news that every time an artist releases an album or a single, they follow it with a music video that always blows away the viewers because of the attention to detail and glamorous fashion. Right after the music video is released, the artist can choose to release a karaoke version or a lyrics music video. These videos usually get the most views because listeners are always excited about learning the lyrics and just making sure they understand each word to get ready for future concerts. This is where kinetic typography comes into play, since producers don’t want just a straightforward video on the lyrics, they create a movie out of the movement of words. Making it this way causes the content to be more emotional and creates for a better connection between the viewer and the music. Using kinetic typography also allows for easier memorization of the words because we connect memories with cues. Those cues can be colors, movement on the screen, and fonts which is the main focus when it comes to kinetic typography. This method has developed for brands to introduce messages in an innovative and effective way. Using the correct aesthetic and style, viewers will be able to feel as if they’re interacting with the video because the words are being animated. There are different factors that you must consider when creating a kinetic typography type video and it all starts with your target audience and the vibe that you want the video to follow. Below you can see an example of kinetic typography, it is easy to read while also maintaining an interactive quality to it.