How to Become A Successful Artist

As a singer/songwriter we underestimate the business approach to our craft. Of course, we are seen as entertainment and an art, but at the end of the day, we are creating a business and brand around ourselves as the artist. We are the product of our own company so we must approach our craft as any company or business would.

            Let’s use the Brand Resonance Model that many companies use to assist us in creating our brand and exploring the different approaches we can take when selling our music and personality. This model is used to create and build a loyal fan base that will be the people that listen to your music constantly and continue to support your career. Using the branding ladder, we can approach you as an artist from different angles. This includes brand identity, brand meaning, brand response, and brand relationship. Each one asks a different question that will help organize and set up an artist into the professionalism of the music industry. Even though some of these questions can be intimidating as a new artist we must always have a motive behind our craft, especially if we are trying to sell it, and figure out ways to connect with a wider audience. 

Overall, this model can be used in any aspect of your brand as well as at any time. It is recommended that every few months you return to these questions to create new goals or direct back to the path that can be easy to fall out of. The most important thing is to stay true to your identity as a singer but always tell a story.