Sinusoidal “A highlight of this track is when Cadz switches from English to Spanish mid-verse. He writes music in a distinctive way that keeps the song alive with a sense of excitement and I think that’s what will make his song stand out from the crowd.”

Roadtrips and Playlists – “His confident, danceable melodies and lyrics are sure to stick in your ear for weeks, and invite you to express yourself, and “jam out anywhere”. We sat down with Cadz to talk about his new release, “Take You Anywhere”, his influences, and plans for the future.”

808 Wave – “Cadz first release is an impressive feat. If this is what we can expect from the rising starlite, Cadz will be blessing us with more introspective, engaging, and poppy tracks to come.”

Loading Magazine – “The little under three-minute song is sure to sound flawless as it blends pop, reggaeton, and trap music, making his individualistic sound, which he describes as a blend between “Bad Bunny and Lizzo.” 

Hype Off Life – ” Cadz may have what it takes to have a long-lasting career with connections to quite a number of listeners around the world. “