Comparing EKP’s with Writing Professional Bio’s

We all know that in order to sell an artist to a record label we must have a portfolio with all the music and press kit which can be compared to a professional bio that many companies do for you. The example that we can use for this comparison is Jojo Siwa and her bright personality. She knows her target audience and she writes her bios specifically for her demographic of young girls to teenage girls ages 4-13, meaning they have to be fun and include a variety of colors and straightforward sentences so everyone can understand. The next step would be determining the purpose of the marketing communication meaning that Jojo has to write something different for people who have been loyal fans, but also change it up for people who have never heard of her. It’s as if you’re writing depending on who you’re trying to connect with, new audiences, or loyal fan club. Once she collects this information, she must organize it to make sure the most valuable information is shown, and all her skills and accomplishments are displayed. Overall, the differences between an EKP and a professional are not too far off because they both have to be molded to fit the desired audience and display the necessary information to accomplish the goal of the presentation. You must be able to present your bio to someone else and show a glimpse into your life as if you’re trying to sell your service or brand and have them remember you for future references or opportunities. Don’t forget that real-life bios are constantly changing just how Jojo Siwa is always rebranding or changing her ideas. As you grow and achieve bigger things your professional bio must do the same to reflect the most current version of yourself.