Clarity is Key

When creating a new product, we must conclude that the first impression of it in the public is the most important and most crucial part of the brand’s identity. The first few seconds of an ad or encounter must be simple enough for the potential customer to understand the basic functions of the product and how it can benefit them. If you can’t do these things, you’ll confuse the audience and now you will have to work harder to get their attention again and convince them to purchase.

A great example within the music industry is the use of elevator speeches. This term was established to represent the 30 seconds to a minute a person has to sell their artist and hopefully leave a powerful message with record label executives or A&R members. This speech usually has the name of the artist, the project they’re currently working on, their past awards or memorable statistics, and the artist that they compare themselves to. This is where clarity comes into play because they need to be straightforward and have everything they are looking for within seconds and how that artist can help them grow their careers. 

            Overall, clarity has become the main component that any story must have. As a business or company, we create this story that involves potential customers and having them understand what the story is must be the focus. Remember, if you confuse the audience with your story, you’ll lose them.