Brand Personality Within the Music Industry

We can all conclude that when we hear the name of an artist, we instantly connect it with an emotion, usually because we remember the music that the artist has sung before and how it made us feel. Even though music is between 2-4 minutes, the person singing it has to create a brand within themselves, so listeners become infatuated with them and continue to support. A great example would be Ariana Grande and the way she can be described as a sweetheart, angelic, but a tough social activist. These elements didn’t originate from just the music she released, but from the way she acted that brought together her image as well as how she presented herself on the media. Using the brand personality dimensions we can observe that Ariana would fall under the Sophistication, Sincerity, and Excitement categories due to the way her managers guided her image. In each dimension there are facets that detail these personalities and help categorize each brand so that it can understand the boundaries in which they must stay to continue being “on-brand.”

Overall, a brand is made up of different characteristics, but it’s the way they make you feel when they are mentioned that makes all the difference. If we talked about BP, we would instantly think of the tragic oil spill with green/yellow colors, while we talk about Coca-Cola we remember the happiness of Christmas and family. These emotions must transfer into your image as an artist so make sure to brainstorm what you believe in and what you represent.