Brand Audits in The Music Industry

Within the music industry, label managers understand that each artist has their own brand and different approaches to their image. Every once in a while, a record label will do a brand audit on an artist to see how they can improve or if they are on the right track. A brand audit has 2 steps, which are Brand inventory and Brand Exploratory. We are going to explore the brand inventory in this article.

            In brand inventory, we provide a current profile of how an artist is being sold by the labels to consumers. This includes the name of the artist, their attributes, slogans, or even the logo that their stage name has. Of course, there is more detail to the brand inventory, but to make it easier for people to understand I narrowed it down to this. Brand inventory is a collection of everything the artist represents that can be used to sell their music to the audience and have consumers become loyal fans. 

            Overall, brand inventory is the different pieces that make the huge puzzle and it’s the components of an artist that we, as listeners, connect them to. It can either be Billie’s iconic green hair and dark style or Lady Gaga’s eccentric plus abstract style, these are part of the brand inventory.