Audience Analysis on Music Release

You have your entire song uploaded to your distributor for release week, you created an intricate marketing campaign, connected with your loyal fans, and did everything possible to have a successful release, but none of this will work unless you understand your target audience.

            Audience analysis is more than just your friends who enjoyed the song for a few days and left it in the queue, it’s figuring out what makes all your loyal listeners and potential listeners fans of everything you do. What is the main reason they follow you or why do they get excited when you release? Now that’s when audience analysis comes into play. We, as marketing directors, must jump into their shoes and pick apart every little interest our listeners have. I understand this concept can be a bit creepy, but it is necessary for us because they become our outline for future campaigns. If our listeners love coffee and enjoy calm relaxing afternoons, I’m not going to create death metal music because they won’t be our original audience who eventually would lessen our fan count. An audience analysis includes demographic, interest, attitude, beliefs which is why we create elaborate campaigns, to reach these people and hopefully connect with them to the point that they start showing interest. 

But what if you don’t know who you’re trying to target? This is when we must imagine who we want to connect with and create a fake person. This fake profile would be the perfect match for your product or service because this will help you decide the target audience necessary to create campaigns. Of course, it is impossible to have the perfect customer, but that is why we create different variations of “fake” people. Different variations represent the idea that not everyone is alike, and some people might be harder to connect with, but it is not impossible. At the end of the day, analyzing your audience is the most important aspect of your company because they are the ones who purchase your items.