Ashnikko’s Social Media Campaign Craze

Ashnikko rose to stardom through her social media campaigns that increased her popularity and pushed her music into the Top 100’s. It was the platform Tik Tok that made her music go viral with over 3 million followers interacting with the “sound” and re-creating different videos to it. Tik Tok has revolutionized the music industry and has allowed artists from all different levels of their careers to have a chance at popularity. For Ashnikko’s new release her marketing department decided to create a challenge. The #MadeItRedChallenge allowed for her new single “Daisy” to have three different life forms of its own, there was a slowed-down “Sexy” version, the original, and a distorted “devilish-like” version. The goal was just to have her song get more exposure and connect with more fans. 

Now we must compare her success on Tik Tok with her social media presence on other platforms. Since she took off on Tik Tok her marketing team decided that it was the safest and efficient way to run her ads and campaigns, but with the idea that the other apps also should reflect her growth. This campaign allowed for users to create their version of what this song meant to them and share it with the world and the song “Daisy” was just there for the ride. Eventually, users started to recognize the song and fall in love with the artist which led to her increased engagement and popularity around the world, but mostly within the UK. 

The campaign made her song jump to #24 on UK’s Top 40 charts and, with the success of the campaign, garnished over 1.7 million daily streams on her song. Once all this occurred her credibility and analytics catapulted her into the next level of her music career with radio play, award show performances, and new sponsors. This simple, yet elaborate, social media campaign allowed for Ashnikko to grow within the industry, but also gave marketers around the world an inside look at how simplicity and targeting the correct audience can also be more efficient than spending millions. 

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