Are My Ads Working?

We all can conclude that the attention span of people on their handheld devices is about 5-10 seconds, of course, this assumption has some outliers and it’s just an estimation, but the number of seconds it takes for someone to distinguish if they enjoy the ad in seconds. It’s imperative that the content you’re investing in has these three basic rules for it to be considered for a successful release. Since we are discussing marketing in the music industry then I’ll use an example to make it easier for you all to remember them.

            We start off by making sure we use language that your target audience uses, and this is important because, although high-level vocabulary makes you seem credible, it usually gets lost within users. People want to read articles or ads and comprehend them immediately because they don’t want to think when they’re trying to just browse. Using very conversational words and casual talk is perfect for ads because users also want the ads to speak to them as if they were just having coffee with a friend or gossiping about the latest tv show.

            Using content that represents your target audience is also crucial because it allows users to feel represented within your music. Therefore, many music videos seem “organic” and straight to the point because they make it easier for viewers to see how they can also relate to the content that they are watching. When people hear your music, they instantly fall in love with lyrics that touch their hearts, and this is exactly what we must do with our content.

            The last rule we must follow to make successful ads is offering value upfront. In the music world this usually means our music but offering this as a form of value is hard because listeners aren’t getting anything from it but pure enjoyment. This is where we must get creative and give the song value so that our listeners can get curious. Giving value usually means creating a connection between you and the song, why did you write it, or what makes this song so special to you? When listeners realize how much value it carries to you then they usually give it a chance.

            Overall, this is just a smidge of it all, but I wanted to express a few tricks that I learned about marketing music. Running ads is crucial for music awareness, but running the correct ad is even more important.