Advertising Your Music in Today’s World

It is to no surprise how competitive the music industry has become through the years. With millions of songs uploaded to streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music, the only way to have people notice you is through advertisement! What if you had a single or an album coming out soon and you wanted to figure out how you can market it? Usually, the way the industry would respond to a question like that is through engaging and persuading your listeners to click on your music profile and listen to it. But of course, it is easier said than done! Let’s examine Megan The Stallions’ marketing plan for the release of her most recent album “Good News.” She started off by using her social media to debut the aesthetics of her album which really intrigued listeners because it is obscure enough to not understand but exciting enough to keep listeners engaged. This is important when trying to persuade your audience, you have to engage and attract the attention before it does anything else. Once you create that connection and have connected with listeners then you turn to your advertising needs and start providing the information you want them to know. (Your music) When Megan released her album, her marketing team reached out to influencers to create a Tik Tok challenge that will use part of her new song into a dance that became viral overnight. This is a prime example of the power of persuasion in advertisements. The high-beat and rhythmic music engaged the audience quickly into watching the dance challenges which then persuaded the Tik Toker’s to listen to the entire album. Overall social media has molded the way companies advertise their services, but now the new challenge is battling the short attention span of users and the millions of companies doing the same as you. So now we must become creative and efficient when marketing!